My “mention it” Post

I’m in a Friday state of mind, which essentially translates into : can’t bring myself to do paid work. But sometimes I reckon that’s okay, because it leaves time for the other things . . . like writing my story (which I’m doing, by the way – 2000 words and running hot!), and participating in the Goins Writing Challenge.

Well, I don’t often mention my Catherine Brunelle writing blog here on Bumpyboobs, but today’s challenge in the Goins thing is to take a risk. So I’m taking a semi-risk by posting some fresh & childish writing on my CB page, and only mentioning it on my Bumpyboobs. However, I will include a link.

If you’re so inclined, you are welcome to read. It’s nothing, really, but a bit of fun. This is not literature to change the world, though it does change my mood.

Discreet Link to Writing!

Have an awesome Friday – may it involve Hawaiian shirts, flip flops and white sand beaches . . . or just a bit of relaxation in general.

P.S. The house is full of mystery today. Where have all our sunglasses gone? How could they all be missing? Maybe it’s the chipmunks again . . . yes, let’s blame it on the chipmunks.