Old furniture, new nest

Welcome to Kanata – here is a land full of suburban streets and sprawling yards. Living in the heart of this green, golf, and park filled paradise are me and the Zsoltster. We’re tucked away in my parents basement slowly plotting our transfer to a dreamed of apartment with a buzz in the streets. It will happen, we haven’t given up hope.

And in the meanwhile, we keep an eye on the streets. You know what people do here on a weekly basis? They discard furniture. Every week there’s a new (well, ancient but new on the road) drawer, table, chair, or stool on the edge of someone’s driveway. Zsolt and I keep an eye out.

To date we have accumulated the following items from people’s driveways:

Dining Table



End tables

Coffee table

All somewhat ugly, all incredibly old, all unwanted.

But we want them. We love them. With each bit of furniture, I feel like we’re piecing together a puzzle that was taken apart in England. All that’s left now is to find a sofa, and I think we’re set. (Though we’ll likely buy the sofa, new or used, because I don’t want to gamble with any bed bug infestation possibilities.)

Anyhow, I love this recycling idea. And I love all our free new/old furniture. Each time we find another piece, it sparks a bit of excitement – gives a little reminder that we’re making a new nest here in Canada. And things are coming along.