Oh, this is quite cute

Much to my relief and surprise, short hair isn’t bad on this here girl (me).  In fact, it’s cute.

Around 2.00 pm yesterday, after an acupuncture session and quick lunch at home, Mom and I rolled into the hairdresser’s. Marcelle (my mom) stationed herself on the lounge chair and began to read her book. I was taken to my hair stylist’s station for a chat before the traditional hair wash.

This was not like the wig shop. Not at all. My hairdresser, Becky asked how I was doing, and I replied ‘fine, thanks, but I need to get my hair cut short because I’ll be having some treatments soon,’ following which she prodded further and had me talking about finding the bump, getting the mastectomy, getting ready for chemo etc. She wanted to know how I was, how I found it, everything really. So I told her, because that’s what I do.  But you know, she didn’t have to do any of that – I’ve only had my hair cut with her about two times prior to yesterday.

Say cheeseAnd after our chat, she pulled out a few magazines and we flipped through the models – pointing out styles and discussing what might be best.  It’s really nice when people speak with confidence. I remember my surgeon spoke with confidence about my surgery, which gave me some peace of mind, and yesterday Becky said no problem, my hair is great for going short and my face can support the change. She also suggesting I come round after the chemo, and she’ll take whatever I have and make something great from it.

It was just such a refreshing conversation, so encouraging.

Anyhow, then came the wash, and then came the cutting – but I wasn’t nervous any longer. Actually, I was a bit excited as she snipped away the pieces and gave my hair new shape. She was really conscientious in sculpting my new hairstyle, and even if it only lasts a couple weeks – I’m so glad to have made this change.

To the point: It looks great. She was great. I can 100% recommend her at Shine on University Road, Southampton.

Two thumbs up for my cool new hair. Hopefully I’ll snap a picture soon so it can be posted online. But I have to say, it’s like 1000% better than a wig. Let’s hope it sticks around a little bit longer.

9 thoughts on “Oh, this is quite cute

  1. How lovely to have someone like that! I look forward to seeing the new hair-those blue eyes will stand out with short hair 🙂 It’s nice to have people on your side, even when you didn’t realize they could be eh? Just one more person to add to your massive and rapidly growing support team!

  2. Great to hear. Can’t wait to see the “new” you. I can picture it and I like it already. It’s true, your face would support a short hair cut very well.

    Keep up your spirit. It’s contagious (as in it is sooo inspiring).

    Have a fantastic day.


  3. oh yes! let us see your new cool cutie hair.
    On my 1st chemo, i was 37th, i kept my hair, very short, but i didn’t get bald ; even a few hair makes a big difference.
    And even if you’ll lost your hair, now you know how much cute & pretty you can become again, when it’ll regrow again. It ALWAYS regrows again, don’t worry about that.
    Bise bel enfant !

  4. I just got a 20 second glimpse and it really does look cute. Take a picture so others can see it is not just a proud dad talking.

  5. Wow-fab hair do…don’t know if you ever met Doris Sweetnam..a truly unique woman who studied many kinds of healing – well she used to encourage a haircut on her patients & friends to let go of old stuff we didn’t need to carry around anymore.

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