That’s it! I’ve had it with this afternoon of debate. Despite the lack of conclusive evidence that Zoladex protects fertility – I will go ahead with the drug anyhow.

Menopause here I come.  Periods, on  your way. And we’ll see about the rest.  Before chemo tomorrow they’ll inject my stomach with something that releases the drug over a month.  Therefore, I’ll be getting an extra needle (amongst many, many other needles) once a month.

And if it goes wrong I won’t get the second injection. But if my menopause is manageable, then on with the treatment – because if chemo turns me infertile, I’ll know I did what I could – and that will lessen the guilt. Choosing not to pursue IVF was difficult, but the amount of estrogen might have been dangerous for me. Zoladex, at its worst, could do many nasty things – but it won’t encourage my cancer. So that’s good, at least.

Decision made. Done. Onwards. Chemo.

One thought on “Zoladex!

  1. You are sleeping right now, and when you start your treatment I will be sleeping.

    So I want to say to everyone of you be confidence.

    We are with you.

    Andrée et Roland XX

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