First is over

Okay. One treatment down – ticking that box off right now.

I think for anyone about to experience chemotherapy, it’d be really helpful to hear about the first experience. Now, I cannot tell you about  the side effect because I only just received my chemo, plus also I want mine to be absolutely minimal – so minimal that I have nothing to write on the subject. We’ll see.

Anyhow – it was a longish day. We arrived at the clinic at 12, just in time for my appointment, and took a seat in the waiting room. Two hours later I went into the treatment room. We left at one point to have some lunch, because the consultant advised that it’d be at least another hour of waiting.

Today the room wasn’t quite so crowded. Apparently they’d had a backlog, but I think it was clearing by the time I was admitted.

I sat down in chair number 5 – so that was as expected, and then I was met by my nurse for the hour. He was quite good, reminded me of a friend from home. The nurse explained my treatment and showed me the syringes. . . one was dark red, the other clear.

First he gave me some anti-sickness drugs, which are helping, so I swallowed those no problem. And then we started the chemo. Basically they put in a canula and start with saline solution. It’s a breeze. Then the nurse gets comfortable and begins with the first injection. It’s not too difficult, they feed it very slowly into the vein. The first drug is the most powerful, so there was some slight stinging occasionally in the vein, but we stopped whenever that happened and let the saline run.

Mid way through I had to visit the loo- and as promised my urine was koolaid red. Gross. And amazingly the drug made its way to my bladder quickly.

Quick aside: I’m sipping on ginger beer and think it’s powerful stuff. Whew! The explosion of ginger!

Next came the second drug, this one clear. It was easier to have this given to me – no stinging pain, though it did make my head feel a bit drowsy.

And then that was it. All over. Not so bad.

Of course, I had decided to try the Zolodex for this month, so all this was proceeded with an uncomfortable shot into the stomach by a very lovely nurse. Zsolt’s hand may have been damaged in the process, since I sized it like a vice as the needle just kept going. Eugh. BUT we’ll see what happens next.

Now I’m at home, writing this blog. Truthfully I am starting to feel pretty darn tired, and my stomach feels rather bubbly. Optimistically I had Zsolt run out for pizza, but realistically it’ll probably be boiled rice tonight. Also, need a bit of fibre to help everything move along.

Anyhow – I am alive and fine and coping. Thanks for all the texts, and the good thoughts.

Time for bed!

3 thoughts on “First is over

  1. Hi again:

    This is Karin saying “hi” and that I admire your spirit – way to go!!!

    Glad my last e-mail did get through to you (so advised by Daniel). You see I am a true computer klutz.

    I was totally in “disbelief” when Tony told me your news. Incidentally, your father and brother love you and admire you – it was soooo noticable.

    Must say that I can relate to the worries and fright you discuss. I, too, wrote a journal for myself and it does help. I know of a lot of people who have undergone chemo and today feel better than ever and live as full a life as before. Optimism is certainly a “great” healer. Remember the great things, a wonderful husband and family with great support. Also, from your journal it seems another blessing is the hospital system in England – quick and effective. I also noticed that the staff I dealt with were all very helpful not to mention extremely kind.

    Chemo will be over with before you know it and it will be onward and upward. My thought always was it needs to be done so bring it on.

    Look forward to reading more and with all my heart I wish you well, an easy go at Chemo and Bonne Chance.

    Best Wishes


  2. First one down…that must feel good. Now the anticipation is over and you know what to expect-hopefully this eases some of the nerves.
    Ginger beer eh? Good idea-anything with ginger will ease will some acupuncture points in the inside forearm.
    My thoughts and fighting skills are being transferred to you! I think you’re doing better than coping-you’re smashing it!

  3. hello Catherine,

    yes one down…..
    thank you for letting us know already about this day…
    have a good recuperation,
    go for it…
    thinking of you daily


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