Getting better

Hello again, Hello.

Over this past weekend I haven’t touched my computer – I couldn’t  stand the thought of it. But now it’s Monday and one of my goals is to post a message on this blog. It’s gotten me up and out of bed, and sitting at the kitchen table. So  – that’s great. It’s the furthest I’ve been so far. Yay for progress 🙂

About two seconds after posting my last blog the nausea kicked in, and kicked in, and kicked in some more. It continued to kick me through the weekend. Zsolt says I had the acute response – apparently there are two general responses to chemotherapy: acute and delayed. Well, it was acute. Unfortunately the anti sickness drug they’d prescribed didn’t quite work, but fortunately the steroid did, though I had to wait a day before taking the steroid because it required a stomach with some food inside. That wasn’t quite possible till Saturday afternoon.

But that is in the past. Here I am, getting over the worse (hopefully) and waiting for the nurse to drop by and show us how to administer the white blood cell shot. I need to take one shot a day for seven days. Zsolt will be administering the needle – weird!  I’ve heard there are side effect to this as well, but have the Paracetamol  ready just in case.

So, apart for this world of side effects I’m managing okay. Today has been good so far, and has certainly put me in a better mood. Mom and Zsolt keep on with the mantra, “We’re learning.” And we are.

Next time will be better – next time I’ll get a better anti-sickness drug, I’ll take the drug sooner, and the effects will be less. Why? Because we’re learning.

I feel bad for my poor family, there were times when my mom and husband would  be looking over the bed with concern in their faces, or off in the other room whispering about side effects and ways to help me through. However, today everyone seems in a better mood. We’re listening to my wedding CD and nodding along to the music.

I think that I’ll write a list of things that have helped me through the nausea – because if anyone ever does read this and wants to get prepared, this stuff could be good to have on hand.

Happy music: some of the drugs cause melancholy, so it’s pretty important to have a happier distraction in the background.

Homeopathic remedies: because sometimes I couldn’t even manage a mouthful of water, so taking some anti-sickness homeopathic remedies has been a good alternative.

Anti sickness bracelet: This triggers an acupuncture point on the wrist to help reduce nausea. It helps, but if you’re getting up be sure to go slowly and rub the balls into your arm.

Damp, cold face towel: It’s a total miracle if becoming sick, and even helped me stop the nausea from peaking a few times.

Fan: Whether electric, hand held, or a good strong breeze through the window – the movement of non-scented air is wonderful. . .  air with the smell of pizza, soup, or warm food of any kind is a very, very bad idea. My bedroom door has been shut with the cracks sealed while my mom cooked dinner for her and Zsolt, and even then I could smell the bloody food. There’s a new rule in this flat, NO hot food allowed.

Protein powder, rehydrating powder, probiotic power: mixed in very small doses with a reasonable amount of water – helps with nutrients, hydration and bowels. When you can’t eat anything, these come in handy.

Good company: Essential! Even if I could not carry on a conversation, having loved ones nearby during the difficult times is something for which I am SO grateful. My mom goes away at the end of this week, which will be difficult, probably very difficult – but I’m thankful for each day she’s been here, and I know that whenever I need her or my Dad, they’re always on the other end of that Skype camera. And Zsolt will be here too, rubbing my back and kissing my forehead, googling every question, side effect, and noteworthy bit of information that will help make this easier.

Okay, I guess that’s it for now. I don’t want to plough into details, and I don’t want to freak anyone out. I think the acute has passed, and I’m very, very grateful. My mind has finally turned to food, and a few more grapes seems quite appetizing at the moment. Hmm, and maybe even a cracker or two…

5 thoughts on “Getting better

  1. Hi Catherine,

    This is Norbert, Zsolt’s friend and your secret admirer.
    I have been reading your blog for nearly two months now. Your posts are incredible. Keep writing, please.

    I wish you all the best and a full recovery,


  2. Great list Catherine. Are you allowed to eat Jello? When I’m nauseous, the only food I can keep down is wild cherry, raspberry or orange Jello (the flavours are based on my taste preference). I can’t smell the Jello – that’s a plus; and the soft, cool, smooth texture seems to make my stomach happy.

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