What’s up, doc?

Last Friday, Zsolt and I met with the lead oncologist. We arrived with a list of questions, but before I could even mouth the word  “Christmas”  we had to first cover the basics.

The basics

Doctor: How are you feeling?

Me: Fine.

Doctor: Any mouth sores?

Me: No .

Doctor: How are your fingers and toes?

Me: Good.

Doctor: And your energy?

Me: Still tired.

Doctor: How’s your mood?

Me: Okay.

Doctor: And your bowels?

Me: Fine.

Doctor: What about nausea?

Me: No.

. . . . .

Doctor: Okay, let’s talk about Christmas.

FINALLY! So that ended the basics. Basically, I’m coping with chemo and plugging along. I get tired, I get sore, I get better, I go to work and proceed as normally as possible.

The conversation then shifted to how many doses of paxlitaxol are ‘enough’. Honestly, he gave the same vague answer that all the doctors have given – in that, studies are based on twelve doses, reducing that dose might/could/possibly make a marginal difference in my chances, but he can’t say for certain. It was his opinion, however, that I finish the entire course.

Blah. Okay, fine.

It was also his opinion that finishing chemo in Canada is entirely possible. He would send an email to the hospital in Ottawa, and we’ll see what they say. Nice!

I realize that travelling during chemotherapy will be exhausting. I am aware. But I want to go home, and this is a compromise.  So, if everything works out on the Canadian side of things, I will be able to see my family over the holidays. That means a lot to me.  Zsolt will drive me to the airport, an airline rep will take me through the airport, and then (with thanks a whole lotta air miles) I’ll fly first class home – where I’ll be helped off the plane and delivered to my family. It will be exhausting, but at least I’ll be supported. Plus Air Canada has those pods up in first class, so I’ll be able to lay back and sleep.

Next week we should hear more – hopefully by then the ball will be rolling.

It’s good news that satisfies everyone.  Zsolt is happy, I am happy, and hopefully the journey isn’t too difficult.

Thumbs up for a good meeting! Yay!

3 thoughts on “What’s up, doc?

  1. Yay! That would be great if you got to go home for Christmas! Great idea on head doc’s part of finishing chemo in Ottawa-then you wouldn’t have to think about if it would affect you and you’re home for xmas-best of both worlds!
    First class eh? Well if you’re going to be exhausted by the travel, may as well do it in style!!
    That’s great news Catherine, I’ll keep my fingers and toes crossed for you!

  2. Hi Catherine,

    Tony and Marcelle’s “Ultimate Wake Up” workshop was awesome as usual. Despite what he says and feels, Tony CAN DANCE!

    Near the end of the workshop, Marcelle reminded us to reflect when we first wake up in the morning.

    As I was brushing my teeth this morning, a thought popped in my head: “100% Cancer Free”. The feeling I got was that it was a statement of fact, and the message was for you. So I asked, “When?”. After a little hesitation, the answer I got was “By Christmas”.

    There is energy out there for you to be cancer free. There is another energy that’s going to make it happen for Christmas. Completing your treatment in Canada, excellent idea!

    So let us all focus on making these energies resonnate with strength, beauty and power for you.

    Your friend,


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