Hopped up on Ukrainian rock

Suddenly I’m busy. Today I woke up with xyz on my plate, tonight I’m going to bed with acb, lmn, qrs, and tuv – not to mention the original xyz.  Okay, I overestimate the influx of work – but it’s nevertheless influxing all over my life and I think that’s 100% awesome.

Maybe you know, maybe you don’t, but I’d love to make a living as a writer. Fiction is my heart, blogging is my voice, and type-type-typing is my tool. Why wouldn’t I want to be a successful writer? (Hmmm, or librarian, cause libraries are another great love . . . or both, most ideal and balanced.) Plus, if Zsolt and I are ever going to achieve the ‘international living’ dream between Canada in the autumn and Balaton in the Spring, then a mobile career seems best.

Anyhow, ever since arriving in Ottawa I’ve tried to get things going. Narrative Nipple is shaping up, just need to link the site to the URL, and my blogging is expanding away from Cancer – which is awesome by the way, plus I’m taking a course on freelance writing and this morning I wrote 600 words of my next story. But don’t be fooled by that stupidly low word count; it’s about easing into the story (particularly cause I have no idea on what will happen, who the characters are, what the vibe is like .  . . instead I just write my way in.).

So today I am in a good mood, though slightly overwhelmed as my google calendar begins to fill with obligations, shows, meetings and other cool stuff.

Busy – which is how it should be. Next up on the agenda: Actually earning money.

But you know what, I cannot forget my purpose here – it’s like, essential.  So, today I’ll call the office and book a couple appointments with my mother. It’s time to work through some issues, particularly since  I want all incoming awesomeness to grow and bloom. Panic attacks like the other day are counterproductive. Fear and complacency with ‘what might happen’ are equally unacceptable.

It’s a lesson that needs constant knocking into my brain.

Anyhow – deep breath – here I go.

*Want to hear the crazy music I was listening to while writing this post (accidentally had it repeating and didn’t realize till I was done writing) – check out the music video here: http://www.ukrainia.org/

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