Brain exploding Rubik’s cubes

 Here’s a story in 100 words. Zsolt is slowly mastering the Rubik’s cube (Hungarian invention) and yesterday decided to teach me the secrets of its colourful patterns and algorithms . . . except my brain has a difference sort of brilliance, and no matter how long I stare at those blocks of colour, I cannot figure how to align a single thing. And then he takes it outta my hands and goes ‘click, clack, clunk’ and BAM – cube is nearly done. That’s when my brain exploded. On the other hand, I’m a much better cook. So I guess we’re even.

P.S. Scientists are sexy! No? Oh, yes. 

3 thoughts on “Brain exploding Rubik’s cubes

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  2. Scientists are cool! For comedic relief, my friends and I like to watch “The Big Bang Theory” on TV. It’s about a group of geeky physicists (all who have their Ph.D. except one who ONLY has a Master’s), their insecurities and social ineptitude. Since I understand the technical jargon which is spun into comedy and since it reminds me of scientists I studied with at university, I can relate to the comedy. Check it out.

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