Sole Searching

As I sit here in the airport lounge, waiting for my flight to London to board (with Zsolt beside me trying to sleep), I’d like to stop a moment and consider my footwear: the sandal with socks.

Blue strapped Birkenstocks with a sole shaped to my foot from seasons of wear; thick hiking socks for the winter with heel, toe and arch support. The whole is more powerful than the parts. Put together you not only have a great sandal and warm toes – you have the ultimate source of comfort that your feet could ever enjoy, just short of a pedicure massage with that scented oil mixed with salt. You have, ladies and gentlemen, the perfect compromise.

Support from the study cork sole mixed with security of the leather straps. But unlike a shoe the sandal is an open forum of air, sweat, and exchange. “My feet will get cold!” you say? Meet the sock – the thick multi-coloured hiking sock: often found ‘too warm’ within the conventional shoe, coupled with a sandal, the warmth provided is of the perfect temperature – moisture is whisked away from the body, preventing stink, and air conditioning can’t get at you with its chill.

Okay, so people – some people – hate the combination. But I would say they’ve never really given it a good shot. Just spend a full afternoon in the mix, and you’ll be a convert.

Socks and sandals are totally cool. They’re cool because they’re quality. What else really matters?

So on that note we are flying off to England, then on to Austria, then on to Budapest (a la bus), then Erd (a la car). It’s a lonnnnnnnng trip. So long, I had to insert those extra ‘n’s just so you could get a sense. But the end will be totally worthwhile. Visiting family is always fun, plus a change of scenery never hurts, and I happen to be a great big fan of Lake Balaton (where time stands still and the sun always shines).

This week I’ve heard some hard things – not related to me directly, but with people I know both online and in the real world. Hard, stupid things that made me stomp my feet and say ‘what the frack’. Unfortunately, that’s the way it is and in these situations it’s out of my hands.  Maddening stuff – infuriating stuff – heart-breaking stuff. It’s really hard to be diagnosed with cancer, really freaking hard, but also even more heartbreaking with people you care about suffer the same fate.

But I read something this week that struck a chord and made me think: ‘yes.’

It was a plea from one of the bloggers online who has been told some very rough news. She asked us to enjoy the moment. Do it for her. Do it for yourself.

So here we are in the moment. My feet are comfortable. The plane is loading. I’m married to an incredible man. We are okay. We are a-okay. And despite all the stress of jobs and hospitals and doctors and whatever . . . we are about to have an awesome adventure. Despite all the crap, good things can happen, and it’s not worth feeling guilty over. Is it – no, it’s not. It’s worth celebrating, and appreciating . . . cause you never know when the party ends.

Sorry – my light hearted post about footwear just turned sombre. I’ll stop. The thing with writing these posts is all kinds of emotions can pour onto the page. (And honestly, I’ve got the stopper in pretty tight, so this is just some of the really determined stuff getting through.)

It will be good to eat goulash. Good to sit by the water. Good to go for bike rides. Good to escape the stressors. Good to eat a langos. Good to see Zsolt’s family. Good to meet with friends. And SO good to sail across the Atlantic.

Look out – there’s a heck of a great summer on the way so we may as well enjoy it. Here, in the moment,  life can be so good. (Thank goodness.)

P.S. No time for spell check! Boarding!


9 thoughts on “Sole Searching

  1. Yup, the sandals/socks combination works; I’ll take comfort over style any time.

    Enjoy all those little moments of bliss and have a wonderful vacation with Zsolt.

  2. I hope you have an amazing trip! I am sorry to hear about your friend having bad news. It is always good advice to enjoy every moment that we have.

  3. If there’s one thing I’m sure you’ve learned in the past year or two it’s savour the moment. I know I certainly got better at it after my uncle passed from pancreatic cancer. Enjoy your moments in Europe!
    Your summer sounds amazing! Birks are amazing and yes socks and sandals are awesome. At least inside the house they are 😉
    Have a wonderful trip!

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