Back to Bed

So now it’s Sunday, and as predicted I am in bed resting. There has been some glorious napping today, as reward for all that ridiculous advocating yesterday and Friday evening.

As it turns out, my eye is fine. There is more to do, but at least my eye is fine. (vision not so much). My MRI has been hurried up, as I think it should have always been, so that is a win too. And the nose bleed has calmed down. Next week I visit with my oncologist, and we start to get the treatment going.

Time to take care of this cancer bull shit and reclaim my body.

In the meanwhile, I went to Winterlude today with some excellent people – being my two brothers and their partners. We walked/skated the canal, sipped hot drinks, then went over to the ice sculptures. It was freaking ZERO degrees in the city, which is bizarrely warm. So, by the fate of a few texts send by my bros, we caught the beautiful ice sculptures before they began to melt away.


And now I’m home in bed and have been napping like crazy. NAP-attacked. My brain needed it. This evening I think we’ll order some Butter chicken and onion bahji from Havali’s because it’s yummy and my new form of comfort food. Then I’ll go to sleep, and start a fresh page on life tomorrow.

The eye continues to bug me – my left has some very hazy vision issues so it’s truly odd to look at things up close, particularly books or computer screens. But at least I know that as we move forward and treat the issue this can be, in time, resolved.

Not such an easy road ahead, but finally we’re starting in the right direction. There were a few moments this weekend when I remembered my need to advocate even though I truly hate it, and so I kept asking questions – but even more importantly, kept going back I until I had the answers I needed.

No wonder I’m napping all day today – minus the Winterlude good times.

And that is all. Everything is okay. And now I’m going to have some hot chocolate, and then SLEEP MORE.


9 thoughts on “Back to Bed

  1. been thinking about you over the weekend. Glad your MRI is being speeded up ! Enjoy your hot chocolate and keep resting up. Sending you big fat positive vibes your way x

  2. Big Hugs and Blessings for what is to come. Advocate away and bug and bug and bug and be a great pain in the ass. Unfortunately, that seems to be the only way to get things taken care of is the wonderful world of modern medicine.

  3. Good to hear things are looking up (ha! ha!). I really should get down to Winterlude, although I hear the ice sculptures are basically puddles now, and there’s 5 degree weather and more rain coming this week. Ugh. Anyway, happy napping!

  4. Your pics from Winterlude look great. I’m impressed you skate on the canal; my skating skills are limited to a very smooth surface with no-on near me for me to bump into.

    I’m relieved your eye is fine.

    Keep on asking questions until you understand the answers. The onus is on others to communicate to you so that you feel properly informed. I’ll steal this old quote from the ‘Odd Couple.’

    “Never assume–It makes an ass of you and me.”

    I’ve been there and done that.

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  6. I travel here and there …. by some how I stopped here trying to get some rest and … I’m so touched by your story 😢
    Don’t give up Catherine. ..
    In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity

    Feb 4th, is World Cancer Day. I lighted the candle in honor of all cancers survivors, fighters…let’s do it again together…💕

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